Knee Procedures

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, surgery is a surgical procedure to repair an injured ligament in the knee.  As a major supporting ligament in the knee, the ACL is commonly injured and often done while performing sports or putting the knee through a strenuous twisting motion.

An ACL reconstruction is generally recommended if:


  • You are an athlete or very athletic person.
  • Multiple ligaments are torn you will want to have them all repaired at once.
  • The injured knee is so weak that it is hindering normal everyday activities such as walking, using stairs or getting around.

Meniscus Surgery

A meniscus repair or meniscectomy is done when your orthopedic surgeon feels the injury to the meniscus cannot be treated by non-surgical methods. Also taken into consideration is your age, health, and goal of activity level.

The surgery is usually done through two small incisions. One allows a tiny, tube-like, camera called an arthroscope to be used to give a visual of the surgery. The other is for surgical instruments to perform the cartilage repair.


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