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We see patients from all over the world at Breakthrough Orthopedics. We have operated on patients that have sought our help from numerous countries and our international following continues to grow. 

Please use it as a guide to help plan your visit to our office. Should you have any questions please contact our office.


There are several major airports that service New York City. They are all approximately 30-45 minutes from our offices. The main three are:

There are several options for getting to and from the airport. Please check with your hotel as they may office a shuttle service. The main forms of transportation are:


New York City, and especially our office, is easily accessible through mass transit or taxis. With hotels all over the city, you have many options for overnight accommodation. The below hotels are a few examples which are close to our office.

Hotels near our Chelsea Office:

Parking Garages:

If you are driving to New York City or renting a car then a parking garage may be your best option as local street parking is very limited. Below are a few local parking garages within walking distance of our office.

Parking garage near our Chelsea office: 



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